9159 Series Board-to-Board Interconnect System

By AVX Corporation 221

9159 Series Board-to-Board Interconnect System

AVX Corporation's 9159 series board-to-board interconnect system allows two PCBs to be mated end-to-end, creating strips of LED lighting. They are designed specifically for the unique Solid State Lighting (SSL) market, which requires coplanar (horizontal-to-horizontal) PCB mating with a 5 A current rating in the smallest package available. These single-sided SMT connectors are perfect for both FR4 and metal boards where you need to butt the boards up together to minimize separation. The availability of both white and black insulation colors make them perfect for lighting as well as industrial applications. With sizes from 2p-6p, these high reliability connectors boast gold-plated beryllium copper receptacle contacts for harsh environments.

Two additional products have been included to expand the 9159 series into a complete family of interconnects. A cabled plug was developed to bring power and signals onto the PCBs while keeping the same board level interface. This allows the designer to build a single PCB with a receptacle on one end and a plug on the other end to minimize cost and inventory. AVX also tooled a top-loading socket that allows complete PCBs to be replaced in the field without having to dissemble the entire strip of boards. The connector has a two-part insulator whereby the top of the connector will slide open allowing the plug connector to be pulled out either vertically or at a slight angle. Once the PCB is replaced, the cover is slid back like a Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connector to the closed position.

  • 5 A current rating; exceeds general market needs
  • 5.5 mm mated width; minimizes PCB space to decrease LED pitch
  • Gold-plated BeCu spring contacts; reliability for harsh environments
  • Available in white; supports SSL market preferences
  • Coplanar PCB mating in SSL products
  • LED linear lighting strips
  • Application Notes; refer to 201-01-123
  • PDAs
  • LCD display