CKM Series

By NKK Switches 279

CKM Series

NKK Switches' CKM series high security keylock switches for panel mount applications. Featuring a highly secure five tumbler locking mechanism, CKM Series 16 mm keylock switches are ideal for applications ranging from control and automation environments to computers and communication equipment to military and medical devices. The high reliability of the CKM Series is due to sliding, silver contacts and a vertically rotating self-cleaning switching mechanism. These features ensure long operating life, smooth operation, and highly reliable circuit contact.

Keys are available in flat or tubular styles, with flat keys being reversible for easier setting. Keys are supplied with randomly assigned numbers. One key is provided with each switch and since there is no master, security is even further enhanced.

Rated at 3 A at 250 VAC, the CKM Series has the highest electrical rating of any NKK keylock device. They also have a high dielectric strength of 1,500 Volts between contacts and case, which is guaranteed. These keylock switches are constructed of fiberglass reinforced PBT insulation material and can withstand 15 Kilovolts of electrostatic discharge, designating them as antistatic devices.