High-Density BNC™ Connectors

By Amphenol RF Division 233

High-Density BNC™ Connectors

Amphenol RF's HD-BNC is a high-density, interconnect standard that satisfies space constraints in next generation system architectures. The configuration maintains expectations relative to user experience, mechanical robustness and low loss at extended frequencies which support higher data rates. BNC connectors per IEC 169-8, having been deployed in systems for over 50 years, and offer robust performance and user-friendly, quarter turn bayonet-style coupling. HD-BNC is therefore proposed as an open standard solution preserving all of the benefits of BNC with a fourfold footprint reduction. HD-BNC was developed from inception as a 75 Ω interface through extensive simulation and test validation, in order to optimize signal transmission per SMPTE-292M and 424M standards in both analog and digital video and audio signals.

  • True 75 Ω impedance from end to end
    • Higher performance, unmatched reliability
  • Bayonet coupling
    • Provides a positive lock and allows for quick and easy connect and disconnect
  • High-density solution
    • Allows four times as many interconnects as the BNC
    • 51% smaller than the BNC
    • 39% smaller than the Mini-BNC
  • Network routing and switching
  • Telco central office
  • DS3/DS4
  • Broadcast
  • Digital video - HDTV
  • Custom cable assemblies
  • Instrumentation
  • Mil/Aero
  • Medical equipment
  • Satellite head-ends