Inductor and EMI Kits

By Panasonic 192

Inductor and EMI Kits

The kits below have been assembled according to the characteristics of the parts in them. The Panasonic inductive products in these kits have superior electrical performance characteristics, are wire-wound, and have a wide range of inductance values and case sizes. The Panasonic EMI filters in the kit below are highly effective in noise suppression and data integrity preservation applications.

ELK1-KIT Features
  • RoHS-compliant
  • High ESD suppression with varistor and included coils
  • 3218 case size, 6 A rated current (ELKEA) and 2 A rated current (ELKE)
  • No variation in attenuation characteristics as current changes
  • The stable P/N marking using laser technology makes the part number check easier
  • Data lines
  • Secondary power supply lines (DC lines)
  • Game equipment
  • Digital AV equipment
  • Communications equipment