LTC3630 Step-Down Converter

By Analog Devices Inc 161

LTC3630 Step-Down Converter

Linear Technology's LTC3630 is a high efficiency step-down DC/DC converter with internal high side and synchronous power switches that draws only 12 µA typical DC supply current while maintaining a regulated output voltage at no load.

The LTC3630 can supply up to 500 mA load current and features a programmable peak current limit that provides a simple method for optimizing efficiency and for reducing output ripple and component size. The LTC3630's combination of Burst Mode® operation, integrated power switches, low quiescent current, and programmable peak current limit provides high efficiency over a broad range of load currents.

With its wide input range of 4 V to 65 V, the LTC3630 is a robust converter suited for regulating a wide variety of power sources. Additionally, the LTC3630 includes a precise run threshold and soft-start feature to guarantee that the power system start-up is well-controlled in any environment. A feedback comparator output enables multiple LTC3630s to be paralleled in higher current applications.

The LTC3630 is available in the thermally-enhanced 3 mm x 5 mm DFN and the MSE16 packages.

  • Operating input voltage range: 4 V to 65 V
  • Synchronous operation for highest efficiency
  • Internal high side and low side power MOSFETs
  • Adjustable 50 mA to 500 mA maximum output current
  • Low dropout operation: 100% duty cycle
  • Low quiescent current: 12 µA
  • 0.8 V ±1% feedback voltage reference
  • Precise RUN pin threshold
  • Internal and external soft-start
  • Programmable 1.8 V, 3.3 V, 5 V or adjustable output
  • Few external components required
  • Industrial control supplies
  • Medical devices
  • Distributed power systems
  • Portable instruments
  • Battery-operated devices
  • Automotive
  • Avionics