Membrane Switch Keypads

By APEM Inc. 313

Membrane Switch Keypads

APEM introduces standard, off-the-shelf, NEMA 4 membrane switches. They are a quick, low-cost solution for beta test prototypes or they can be designed into the final product. When customized membrane switches are needed Digi-Key works with APEM to design, develop and produce the customized keypad to fit the project’s specific needs.

A membrane switch is a multi-layered momentary switch consisting of a graphic overlay, top circuit and lower circuit. This switch type is used across all industries due to its flexibility to be customized, reliability and price point. Membrane switches are a proven technology. They are used in all industries such as military, medical, oil and gas, gaming, transportation, food & beverage, industrial, and more. Now Digi-Key offers APEM's off-the-shelf membrane keypads in rectangular 4-key, 8-key, 12-key, 16-key, and 4-key and 5-key oval configurations.


  • Standard membrane switches come with NEMA 4 (IP67) protection
  • Low profile - space-saving designs adapt to each project
  • Flexible tail termination adapts and connects to customer's equipment
  • Standard "off-the-shelf" membrane switches offers low cost, quick solution for beta testing and for designing into final product
  • Ergonomic - tactile feedback through sound and light indication
  • Dependable - used on life support medical equipment and other critical applications
  • Durable/environmentally sound - made for medium to harsh conditions including water immersion (IP65, IP67), EMI/ESD, UV exposure, chemicals, etc.
  • Custom graphics visually enhance final product with an appearance that reflects a brand and/or corporate image
  • Endless combinations of designs, colors, text, lighting, tactile, non-tactile, embossing, and more.