MLP2012 Multilayer Power Inductors

By TDK Corporation 187

MLP2012 Multilayer Power Inductors

With its optimized internal structure, the MLP2012 surface-mount inductor from TDK Corporation has achieved DC superimposition characteristics that are comparable to those of the existing larger MLP2520 device. In addition, because low-loss materials are used, the core loss of the coil can be minimized within a wide frequency range. This series offers low-profile items (0.55 mm max thickness). This size is useful for power module circuits within mobile devices. MLP2012 choke coils are therefore best suited to several MHz-drive switching power supplies, the use of which is especially prominent in mobile devices

Features and Benefits

  • MLP2012 has DC superimposition characteristics that are comparable to that of the existing MLP2520 type
  • The products contain no lead and also support lead-free soldering
  • This product conforms to the RoHS directive