Enhanced General Purpose 8-bit MCU’s

By Microchip Technology 178

Enhanced General Purpose 8-bit MCU’s

Microchip's 28-pin MCUs offer a combination of advanced digital and analog peripherals, along with XLP (eXtreme low power) to provide the extended battery life required by many applications. These features make the general-purpose PIC16F1512 / 13 MCUs ideal for a broad range of applications in the appliance, medical, consumer, and automotive markets, among many others. Along with industry-leading active current down to 30 µA / MHz and sleep current down to 20 nA, these MCUs integrate a 17x10-bit ADC, EUSART, I2C / SPI, 2x capture compare PWMs, up to 7 KB Flash and 256 KB RAM.

Compared to other members of the PIC16F151X family, these two devices deliver increased analog capability, including a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with hardware capacitive voltage divider (CVD) support for mTouch™ capacitive touch sensing implementation. The additional control logic enables automated touch sampling, which reduces software size and lowers CPU usage. It also provides an automatic control of guard-ring drive and a programmable sample-and-hold capacitance to better match larger touch or proximity sensors.

  • Enhanced mid-range core with 49 instruction, and 16 stack levels
  • Flash program memory with self-read/write capability
  • Internal 16 MHz oscillator
  • MI2C, SPI, EUSART w/auto baud
  • Two CCP (capture compare PWM) module
  • 17-channel, 10-bit ADC with advanced controls
  • 25 mA source / sink current I/O
  • Two 8-bit timers (TMR0 / TMR2)
  • One 16-bit timer (TMR1)
  • Extended watchdog timer (WDT)