3-Phase Motor Driver IC

By ON Semiconductor 485

3-Phase Motor Driver IC

ON Semiconductor's LB11685AV, LV8804FV and LV8805SV are 3-phase sensor-less motor driver ICs that enable low power consumption and low vibration. The Hall sensor-less drive allows reduction of the size of the overall motor drive system. These ICs are suitable for use in products that require high reliability and long life such as server and refrigerator fans.

  • Three-phase, full-wave, linear drive sensor-less motor driver (LB11685AV)
  • Direct PWM three-phase sensor-less motor driver (LV8804FV & LV8805SV)
  • Built-in current limiter circuit
  • Built-in motor lock protection circuit
  • Built-in beat lock protection circuit
  • Built-in thermal shut down (TSD) circuit
  • Soft booting
  • Soft switching
  • Hall sensor-less
  • Easy manufacturing
  • Current limit protection
  • Lock protection
  • Beat lock protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Stability at booting
  • Silent
End Products
  • Refrigerator cooling fans
  • Server fans
  • Desktop computer fans
  • Consumer segment (white goods)
  • Computing and peripherals