WE-EHPI Series Transformers

By Würth Elektronik 159

WE-EHPI Series Transformers

Wurth Electronics has released an innovative family of transformers, coupled inductors for the usage in energy harvesting applications. The WE-EHPI series was developed for the usage in application where power is generated by energy harvesting to power a device or charge a battery. Typically such applications can be found in fire, gas, alarm, and metering sensors and devices. Other points of usage are devices which are placed in the nature or cannot have a standard power source from the outlet or a battery. Würth Electronics Energy Harvesting Transformers are available in a compact package size of 6 x 6 mm with a max height of only 4 mm. Separated soldering pads allow an increased reliability of the circuit, and due to Würth Electronics advanced winding technology the tiny transformers also offer an increased performance in the circuit. The three available transformers in the turns ratio of 1:100, 1:50, and 1:20 fit with several integrated circuits for such applications.

  • Low profile: 4 mm
  • Small footprint 6 mm x 6 mm
  • Very low secondary RDC
  • Multiple options of turn ratios available
  • Separated welding/soldering pads for increased reliability
  • Optimized winding technology for increased performance and reliability
  • Wireless fire, alarm, gas and metering remote sensors driven by environmental energies based on energy harvesting voltage transformers like LTC3108/LTC3109
  • Sensors with predictive battery replacements in applications which are difficult to access
  • Energy self-sufficient supply using subsequent installed sensors for energy harvesting