MF-RM Polymer PTC Resettable Fuses

By Bourns Inc. 575

MF-RM Polymer PTC Resettable Fuses

Bourns offers the MF-RM series of Multifuse® polymer PTC resettable fuses. This radial through-hole series is Bourns' first family of PPTCs that can operate on an AC mains circuit of up to 240 VAC.

Bourns has launched this product family to assist consumer and industrial electronic manufacturers by offering a means to protect their AC circuits with a resettable overcurrent protection device.

The AC voltage rated MF-RM series has some unique features such as a UL-listed Vmax of 240 VAC, and a holding current of 50 mA to 550 mA.

  • Radial leaded devices
  • Cured, flame retardant epoxy polymer insulating material meets UL 94V-0 requirements
  • Resettable circuit protection
  • RoHS-compliant
  • Reduced repair and replacement costs
  • Reduced nuisance tripping
  • Combined overcurrent and overtemperature protector in one device
  • Resettable feature with overtemperature and overcurrent protection can save expensive components from having to be replaced after tripping, e.g., transformers with built in thermal fuses
  • Faster than bi-metallic switch designs which take approximately 30 seconds on average to cool down and reset
  • Generally lower electromagnetic interference than bi-metallic switches
  • Food blenders
  • Coffee machines
  • HVAC
  • Electric fans
  • Blowers
  • AC adaptors