PH9185NL Switch Mode Power Transformers

By Pulse Electronics 297

PH9185NL Switch Mode Power Transformers

Pulse Electronics Corporation, a leading provider of electronic components, introduces a series of high isolation, switch-mode power transformers. These provide a reinforced insulation power supply for RS485 and RS232 transceiver ICs. The transformers come on an SMD platform with offset pins to maintain a large separation between primary and secondary circuits. Applications include industrial control systems, building automation, smart grid, surveillance, and aeronautics. The Pulse Electronics PH9185NL transformers facilitate using a RS485/232 communications bus as a low cost alternative to Ethernet. They are compatible with the Maxim™ MAX253 power driver IC. 

In accordance with IEC60950/EN61558, the construction of the PH9185NL series has been certified by UL/TUV for reinforced insulation up to a 400 V working voltage. The design guarantees 8 mm creepage and 4000 VRMS isolation voltage to meet this requirement. The design also utilizes Pulse Electronics’ Class F insulation system. Pulse Electronics’ PH9185NL series consists of seven turns ratios to provide the required voltage to the IC from a range of low voltage levels delivering up to 3 W of power.