STM32G0 Series MCUs

By STMicroelectronics 105

STM32G0 Series MCUs

STMicroelectronics' Arm Cortex-M0+-based STM32G0 series microcontrollers (MCUs) deliver an upgrade in 32-bit performance and integration while featuring the essentials of the STM32 family and are particularly suited for cost-sensitive applications. STM32G0 MCUs combine real-time performance, very low-power operation, and the advanced architecture and peripherals of the STM32 platform.

The STM32G0x0 value line is highly competitive in traditional 8-bit and 16-bit markets and embeds an accurate internal clock allowing further cost saving. It eliminates the need to manage different architectures and the associated development overhead.

The STM32G0x1 line provides upgraded features in analog and is IoT ready with upgraded security functions. It offers a wide range of memory sizes, voltage, and packages, bringing flexibility to cost-sensitive applications.

The STM32G0 series enables a one-architecture-fits-all concept and is efficient, robust, and simple. The STM32G0 series is available with 16 Kb to 512 Kb of Flash memory in 8-pin to 100-pin packages, satisfying the needs of a large variety of applications and segments.

Features and Benefits
  • STM32G0x1 Line
    • Higher performance in analog, low-power operations
    • More control on secure transactions, such as the IoT applications, home-entertainment products, appliances, and industrial equipment
    • Supports a higher temperature range up to +125°C
    • Wide set of package types such as WLCSP, UFBGA, TSSOP, QFP, and QFN packages
  • STM32G0x0 Value Line
    • Comes with a very accurate internal clock making external oscillator useless
    • A full set of performing peripherals, including 12-bit ADC, advanced and flexible timers, and calendar RTC
    • Communication peripherals such as the I2C, USART, and SPI