ClockMatrix Timing Solutions

By IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc 451

ClockMatrix Timing Solutions

IDT's four-channel universal frequency translators are highly integrated timing devices that generate synchronous or asynchronous clocks form their reference inputs. The ClockMatrix family of devices are high-performance, precision timing solutions designed to simplify clock designs for applications up to 100 Gbps interface speeds. These devices can be used anywhere in a system to perform critical timing functions such as frequency translation, clock generation, phase alignment, and jitter attenuation. This family of devices supports BBU, OTN, SyncE, synthesizer, and jitter attenuator applications with several density options for each. The ClockMatrix family is offered in a wide range of package types from 144-BGA down to a 48-QFN.

  • Programmable: I2C, SPI, or OTP
  • RMS jitter as low as 100 fs
  • PPL channels are individually configurable as synthesizer, jitter attenuator, or DCO
  • Up to 8 DPLLs and 12 outputs in a single package
  • IEEE 1588, OTN, and SyncE compliant
  • Available in package options from 144-BGA down to 48-QFN
  • Synchronous Ethernet equipment
  • OTN muxponders and line cards
  • Core and access IP switches/routers
  • 10 Gb, 40 Gb, and 100 Gb Ethernet interfaces
  • Wireless infrastructure for 4.5 G and 5 G network equipment