Slim Cool Edge 0.65 mm Hybrid Power and Signal Con

By Amphenol Commercial Products 100

Slim Cool Edge 0.65 mm Hybrid Power and Signal Con

Amphenol ICC’s Slim Cool Edge hybrid power and signal connectors provide one-piece high speed and high-power card-edge package. The connectors offer a cost competitive and high-density solution. These versatile solutions based on a 0.65 mm signal pitch design offer multiple BTB configurations like right-angle, mezzanine, and coplanar. The connectors are designed as open pin field and are hot-plug capable. These connectors feature modular tooling that allows multiple power-signal combinations for vertical configurations.


Slim Cool Edge 0.65 mm Hybrid Power and Signal Connectors

Product Specification for Slim Cool Edge, 0.65 mm Pitch, Vertical Connector

Product Application Specification for 0.65 mm Pitch Vertical Slim Cool Edge Connector

Features and Benefits
  • Power pin pitch at 1.30 mm and current rating of 3 A per pin
  • Signal pin pitch at 0.65 mm and current rating of 0.5 A per pin
  • Power pins from 4 to 12 and signal pins range from 20 to 280
  • Offset signal pin with SMT termination
  • Open pin field design
  • Vertical, right-angle, and straddle mount configurations for coplanar, mezzanine, and backplane applications
  • Supports 1.6 mm thick mating board
  • Different board lock options available
  • Supports small power board-to-board applications
  • Supports most mating board applications
  • Allows flexible power-signal combinations
  • Provides better signal integrity performance
  • Supports both single-ended and differential pairs with speeds up to 32 Gb/s (or 56 Gb/s PAM4)
  • Supports multiple applications ranging from ICT to consumer
  • Supports most standard board-to-board applications
  • Allows flexible PCB hold-down option