Wireless Infrastructure Computing

By IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc 90

Wireless Infrastructure Computing

IDT and Renesas' timing and power solutions reduce component count and logistics for applications including 10 G to 400 G Ethernet switches, enterprise core and edge routers, optical transport networks, packet transport networks, and access network equipment. With demanding power and performance requirements, wireline infrastructure computing elements are placing increasingly difficult demands on power and timing solutions. IDT and Renesas' combination of high performance, specialized timing, and a broad portfolio of power products addresses the needs of these systems.

Solutions offered to meet these challenging timing requirements in wireline equipment include the ultra-flexible support of SyncE/IEEE1588 providing a single-chip synchronization solution to reduce component count and logistics.

Network Infrastructure Solutions

Block Diagram

  • 10 G to 400 G Ethernet switches
  • Access network equipment
  • Optical transport networks
  • Packet transport networks
  • Enterprise core and edge routers
  • High-performance flexible synchronization and I/O features provide centralized timing solution to ease design
  • All products are standards-compliant and proven on reference designs
  • Low-power HCSL interface allows small footprint and reduces board utilization
  • High-performance with programmability allows for flexibility in addressing changes to design and fast time-to-market
  • Configurable DPLL bandwidth for jitter attenuation optimizes device fit to various design needs including portable designs