Proteus-II 5.0 Bluetooth® Smart Module (AMB26

By Würth Elektronik EISOS 53

Proteus-II 5.0 Bluetooth® Smart Module (AMB26

Wurth Electronics/Amber Wireless' Proteus-II, the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) 5.0 module, can send data packets with higher wireless data rates of 2 Mbit/s. Additionally, the newly developed high throughput mode allows the module to send multiple wireless packets per connection interval and thereby increases the data throughput up to 200 kbit/s. Proteus-II includes all the features of the industrially proven BLE 4.2 wireless module, Proteus-I, and combines them perfectly with an optimized data throughput.

  • Bluetooth smart 5.0 standard with 2 MBit PHY
  • Powered by Nordic nRF52832
  • 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4 CPU, 512 kB Flash memory
  • Energy-saving: only 5.3 mA at 0 dBm (transmit)
  • Up to 3 dBm output power
  • Ultra-small dimensions: 11 mm x 8 mm x 1.8 mm
  • Serial data transmission (smart serial profile)
  • Max eight GPIOs available
  • Event-driven API
  • Automatic power management (of each peripheral)
  • AES HW encryption
  • Real-time clock (RTC)
  • Integrated antenna
  • NFC optional with individualized firmware
  • 2 Mbit data rate
  • High throughput mode
  • HMI using smartphones or tablets
  • Home automation
  • Sensor networks
  • Medical devices