GaN Automotive Applications

By EPC 61

GaN Automotive Applications

EPC’s successful AEC-Q101 qualification means automotive electronics can now take full advantage of the improved efficiency, speed, smaller size, and lower cost of eGaN® devices.

Features and functions on the latest cars are power hungry and electronically driven, placing an additional burden on traditional 12 V electrical distribution buses. For 48 V bus systems, GaN technology increases the efficiency, shrinks the size, and reduces system cost.

Light distancing and ranging (lidar) uses pulsed lasers to rapidly provide a high-resolution, 360°, three-dimensional image of what is surrounding the vehicle. GaN technology enables the laser signal to be fired at far higher speeds than comparable silicon MOSFET components. GaN-based lidar allows autonomous vehicles to see farther, faster, and better becoming the primary “eyes on the road."

In Class-D audio systems, the audio performance is impacted by the FET characteristics. GaN FETs enable higher fidelity Class-D audio amplifiers. Low on-resistance and low capacitance enable transient intermodulation distortion (T-IMD), and fast switching capability and zero reverse recovery charge enable higher output linearity and low crossover distortion for lower total harmonic distortion (THD).

eGaN FETs operate efficiently and enable maximum wireless power system efficiency at a low cost.

For LED high-intensity headlamps, GaN technology increases efficiency, improves thermal management, and reduces system cost. Higher switching frequency allows operation above the AM band and lowers EMI.

  • Lidar
  • 48 V to 12 V DC-DC converters
  • High fidelity infotainment systems
  • Wireless power
  • High-intensity headlights