PaPIRs Motion Sensors

By Panasonic 308

PaPIRs Motion Sensors

Panasonic's PaPIRs motion sensor's 3 mm diameter flat surface lens uses Panasonic’s unique lens formation technology for silicon substrates, making the operating lens substantially smaller compared to other conventional sensors. The low-profile sensor (polyethylene: 9.7 mm, silicon-lens: 6 mm) is made possible through Panasonic’s proprietary and high-density electronic component mounting. This technology is achieved by simply embedding the sensing circuits inside the actual sensor.

With a silicon lens sensor, the lens is incorporated in the outer package to become a pyroelectric sensor module. This makes it easy to mount the sensor on thin or compact products with limited space. The development of a specialized circuit allows the reduction of current consumption to 1μA. After motion is detected, the sensor shifts to "stand-by" mode.

Reduction of current consumption allows battery life to be extended for battery driven products. These include wireless and energy sensitive devices. Panasonic PaPIRs sensing circuits are enclosed in a metallic case, which helps minimize the adverse effects of external electromagnetic fields. Since the sensors have a high S/N ratio, they are less sensitive to false starts when operated under different environmental surroundings.

  • Security and wireless devices
    • Wireless occupancy sensors driven by photovoltaic cells or battery to extend battery life
    • Security sensors and cameras
  • Housing and commercial equipment
    • Lighting fixtures and wiring devices
    • Video intercoms and HA control panels
    • Vending machines
  • Home appliances (energy savings)
    • Wireless and battery operated monitoring sensing devices
    • Television and PC monitors
    • Air purifiers
    • PCs and air-conditioners