AEH08U48 400 W Half Brick DC-DC Converter

By Artesyn Embedded Technologies/Norvell Electronics 218

AEH08U48 400 W Half Brick DC-DC Converter

Artesyn's AEH08U48 series half-brick DC-DC converter operates from an input range of 38 to 60 VDC and provides a fully regulated 53 VDC output delivering up to 7.55 A at a rated continuous output power of up to 400 W with conversion efficiency up to 94%. This converter comes with industry standard features such as input UVLO, output enable, output trim, differential remote sense, OCP, OVP, and OTP. It also has an integrated baseplate for direct coupling to cool the heatsink surface.

AEH08U48 Technical Reference Note

  • High power converter
  • High efficiency (94% typical)
  • Industry-standard package half brick: 2.30" x 2.40" x 0.50"
  • High capacitive load limit on start-up
  • EU directive 2002/95/EC compliant for RoHS (RoHS 6)
  • Basic isolation
  • Industry standard features:
    • Input UVLO
    • Output enable
    • Output trim
    • Differential remote sense
    • OCP, OVP, OTP