EZ-Cable Clips

By Harwin Inc 319

EZ-Cable Clips

Harwin's range of surface mount wire management cable clips, available in 5 different sizes, are specifically designed to be automatically-placed and soldered directly to the PCB, saving time and money.

Harwin's metal clips are much smaller than equivalent plastic wire management clips. They are placed directly onto solder pads, negating the need to drill retaining holes in the PCB and offering further space and cost savings. These cable clips are ultra-low profile and, unlike bulky plastic clips, do not protrude through the PCB, increasing design flexibility.

  • Five different size options available
  • Covers a range of cables from Ø0.8 mm to Ø3 mm
  • Suitable as a grounding clip for coax cables
  • Replaces manual assembly of plastic accessories
  • Medical probes and also in ultra-sound scanning equipment
  • Consumer devices such as notebooks and PDAs
  • Military communication equipment
  • Radar and missile guidance
  • Internal flat panel displays
  • CCD cameras used in industrial inspection, medical imaging, traffic monitoring and security
  • Cable and wire carrying lower frequency signals, such as audio signals and measurement device signals
  • Offers excellent grounding for a variety of coax cables as used in transmission lines for radio frequency signals; including feedlines connecting radio transmitters and receivers with their antennas