SMM Series 3812 Size SMD Fuses

By Bel Fuse Inc 335

SMM Series 3812 Size SMD Fuses

Bel Fuse presents the square ceramic surface-mountable SMM Series of 3812 size medium-blow fuses. SMD fuses with rated current values up to 30 A, and with voltage ratings up to 250 VAC and 65 VDC, they satisfy the industry's requirements for devices supporting high power consumption with limited board space. RoHs-compliant, Pb-free and halogen-free, Bel's environmentally friendly parts additionally feature superior mechanical integrity and resistance to chemical solvents and aqueous cleaning.

The SMM fuses are ideal for over-current protection in a broad spectrum of high-current applications in which a small form factor device is specified to optimize board space. Included among their most common usage is in the protection of high-current circuits (primary or secondary) of larger power supplies, as well as in the protection of (telecom) backplane structures from overloads or short circuits, which could disrupt an entire system. Notably, the SMM fuse can isolate a specific section or circuit, allowing the remaining circuits to function normally.

Offered with 20 A, 25 A, and 30 A ratings, Bel's SMM series features an operating temperature range of -55°C to +85°C with proper derating. At 100% of ampere rating, opening time is four hours minimum, 60 seconds maximum at 200% of ampere rating. Fuses are manufactured of ceramic bodies with matte tin plated brass caps.


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