UM232H Evaluation Module

By FTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd 240

UM232H Evaluation Module

The UM232H is a USB-to-serial/FIFO development module in the FTDI product range which utilizes the FT232H USB Hi-Speed (480 Mb/s) single-port bridge chip to handle the USB signaling and protocols. The UM232H is ideal for development purposes to quickly prove functionality of adding USB to a target design. The UM232H is a module designed to plug into a standard 0.6" wide 28 pin DIP socket. The USB connection to a host system is via a mini-B USB connector. The UM232H provides an engineer with the ability to quickly build a prototype or modify existing system, while exercising the full capabilities of the FT232H. This module includes:

  • 28 pin 0.6" DIP machined socket pins for easy integration
  • USB mini-B socket operating at 480 Mbps
  • EEPROM on board to enable multiple configurations
  • Configurable for either USB bus power or self-powered modes
  • UART, FIFO, MPSSE, and FT1248 interfaces available on DIP pins