WR-FFC and WR-FPC ZIF Series Interconnects

By Würth Elektronik 155

WR-FFC and WR-FPC ZIF Series Interconnects

Due to the increasing demand for higher density in electronic equipment, the use of flexible flat cable (FFC) or flexible printed circuits (FPC) to reduce size, weight, and assembly cost has expanded. ZIF connectors are increasingly common in several applications, especially where a connection to a small display (screen) or keyboard is needed. Wurth Electronics is offering the WR-FPC SMT ZIF connector and WR-FFC flat flex cable series types of connectors.

ZIF connectors have been developed to meet a combination of requirements, such as low profile, light weight, and a secure and removable connection.

ZIF connectors are used to attach wires to a PCB inside electronic equipment. The wires in the form of a ribbon cable are pre-stripped and the bare ends are placed inside the connector. The movable part of the connector is then closed to ensure a firm connection. The main advantage of this system is that it does not require a mating part at the wire ends; it is a one connector solution.

Wurth Electronics also offers its family of WR-FPC products by a back-lock dual-contact ZIF plug-in connector. The simple-to-use and tool-free locking concept ensures strong holding forces. Only 1 mm thick, the extremely flat plug-in connector has contacts on its top and bottom surfaces for even more flexibility printed circuits and flat-flex cables. These new ZIF connectors have a low-profile shape to help save space.