ABLS-LR Series SMD Crystals

By Abracon Corporation 194

ABLS-LR Series SMD Crystals

Abracon's ABLS-LR series SMD crystals are designed to mate with the next generation microcontrollers and transceiver integrated circuits. These crystals are optimized to properly function under any drive level, from a few µWs up to 500 µWs without impacting the gain margin of the oscillator loop. With a maximum ESR of 10 Ω at 13 MHz to 36 MHz carrier, these devices enable designers to arrive at lower power solutions without compromising performance.

The ABLS-LR series feature a ruggedized welded metal package and are offered in varying stabilities up to an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C

  • Ultra-low ESR
  • Low negative resistance
  • High oscillation margin
  • Automotive grade temperature available
  • Hermetically resistance weld sealed
  • Tight stability
  • Low negative resistance µ-controller design for low frequency
  • Wide range of automotive applications
  • Industrial
  • Transport