GEM Graphical OS Chip™

By Amulet Technologies LLC 252

GEM Graphical OS Chip™

Amulet's GUI processor for color displays enables OEMs and design firms to take their products to the next level by implementing interactive color-rich GUIs designed in dynamic HTML. The Graphical OS Chip includes all of the hardware and software required to turn a color LCD and touch panel into a user interface. Amulet’s solution is perfect for many embedded system applications, including appliances, consumer electronics, industrial controls, medical equipment, and office automation.

The accelerated graphic memory architecture allows for concurrent access to three individual memory subsystems for simultaneous program execution, LCD refresh, and frame buffer rendering.

Feature and Benefits
  • Integrated LCD controller supports passive and active displays up to 24 bits per pixel
  • USB 2.0, TWI, UART, and SPI interfaces
  • Power management controller for low power operation
  • Directly connects to 4- and 5-wire resistive touch panels
  • PC based UI simulator available to simplify UI prototyping
  • PNG, GIF, and JPEG image, and GIF animation support
  • Built-in royalty-free graphical operating system
  • Inexpensive development tools
  • Built-in copy protection option to protect unauthorized duplication of user’s product
  • Drag-and-drop GUI creation in dynamic HTML
  • Up to 45 general purpose IO lines in BGA