Multi-Touch Ring Encoder

By Grayhill, Inc. 276

Multi-Touch Ring Encoder

Grayhill's Instinct is a C code source library, intended to be included and built within OEM systems. During normal operation, data from a Grayhill touch device is passed directly to Instinct. The data is quickly processed and the results are passed on to the application. Simple initialization calls allow the flexible setup of parameters to fine-tune the recognition process. The Instinct Suite also includes a hardware driver for the Windows 7 operating system to utilize its internal human-interface commands and gesture-recognition tools.

The software development kit, T101-DEV-1, uses Instinct to recognize both single and multi-touch gestures. Single-touch gestures include cursor control, tapping the surface, and flicking through menus. Multi-touch gestures include two-finger scrolling, rotating and zooming, as well as three finger gestures such as tilt and 3D rotation. The Instinct library includes many more simple and dynamic gestures. Dynamic gestures are characterized by a longer, continuous stream of control such as scrolling or flicking with momentum.

Multi-touch ring encoder brochure

  • Software development kit (T101-DEV-1)
    • Includes step by step instructions with several examples
    • Comprised of a mounted multi-touch ring encoder with USB cable and software (via download)
  • Projected capacitive touch pad
    • Smooth touch recognition that works with thinly gloved hands (not intended for use with thick, cold weather gloves)
    • Multi-touch tracks up to 5 touch points simultaneously
  • LED backlight and highlight ring
    • White backlight and custom printed overlay can illuminate a logo
    • Highlight ring available with white, red, green or blue LEDs
    • Both are dimmable from fully on to off
  • Proximity sensor
    • Helps users find the device in a heads-up environment
    • Can wake up machine and/or device from low power mode
  • Optical encoder
    • Features 32 position sensing
    • Detent has three different torque options
    • Quadrature encoder output independent of processor
  • Additional features
    • Pushbutton output is independent of processor
    • Microprocessor for USB communications with boot loader for in-field upgrades
    • Switching power supply for wide input supply range