FCP190N60E/FCP380N60E SuperFET II

By ON Semiconductor 214

FCP190N60E/FCP380N60E  SuperFET II

ON Semiconductor high-end, AC-DC switch-mode power supply (SMPS) applications such as servers, telecom, computing, and industrial power require high power-density, and to be successful, designers need cost-effective solutions that take up less board space and improve reliability.

Offered in two product families, the SuperFET II and SuperFET II Easy Drive, these MOSFETs offer a smaller stored energy in output capacitance (EOSS) for higher efficiency in light-load conditions and a best-in-class, robust body diode for increased system reliability in resonant converters. Utilizing an advanced charge balance technology, these MOSFETs provide significantly low on-resistance and lower gate charge (Qg) performance for a lower figure of merit (FOM). The devices are comprised of several integrated features to assist in a simplified design which reduces component count for a more efficient, cost-effective design including a gate resistor (Rg) that greatly reduces gate oscillation and improves overall system performance.