AM3352 ARM Cortex-A8 MPU

By Texas Instruments 260

AM3352 ARM Cortex-A8 MPU

Texas Instruments' AM3352 microprocessor, based on the ARM Cortex-A8, is enhanced with image and graphics processing, peripherals and industrial interface options such as EtherCAT and PROFIBUS. The device supports the following high-level operating systems (HLOSs) that are available free of charge from TI: Linux® and Android™.


  • On-chip memory (shared L3 RAM)
    • 64 KB of general-purpose On-Chip Memory Controller (OCMC) RAM
    • Accessible to all masters
    • Supports retention for fast wake-up
  • Debug interface support
    • JTAG/cJTAG for ARM (Cortex-A8 and PRCM), PRU-ICSS debug
    • Embedded Trace Module (ETM) and Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB)
    • Supports device boundary scan
    • Supports IEEE 1500
  • Security
    • Crypto hardware accelerators (AES, SHA, PKA, RNG)
  • Boot Modes
    • Boot Mode is Selected via Boot Configuration Pins Latched on the Rising Edge of the PWRONRSTn Reset Input Pin