Magnetic Jacks

By EDAC Inc 8

Magnetic Jacks

EDAC's magnetic jacks are integrated connectors that combine network magnetics with RJ45 modular jack connectors. Magnetic Jacks combine connectivity with signal conditioning, electro-magnetic interference suppression and signal isolation. Separate and discrete magnetic components mounted on the PCB board performed these parameters previously.

Available as single or stacked multi-port options they are used in data, telecom, networking, and home entertainment markets for applications such as servers, hubs, routers, printers, computers, set top boxes, and digital TVs.


  • Integrated magnetics provides signal integrity, DC isolation and protection for PHY chip
  • Spring fingers on shells guarantee advanced EMI/RFI suppression
  • LED options available visual indication of port status and activity information for user
  • Tab Up or Down options complete design for board and unit compatibility
  • Integrated design reduces component inventory and process costs